TFX™ Floating Tab-tensioning System

The purpose of a tab-tensioning system is to present a hanging screen in the correct manner when in use: flat with no distortion or edge-warping. This requires that forces are applied both vertically and laterally to the screen fabric. This is normally achieved by using a single weight at the bottom of the screen which is attached to the side of the screen using cables. This transforms a proportion of the vertical force into a lateral force, tensioning the screen in both directions. However, this system is inefficient. As screens increase in size, or screen fabrics become more rigid, more vertical weight is required to increase any lateral force. As this increases, the structure becomes mechanically unstable potentially damaging the roller assembly.

Decoupled weights allow independent vertical and lateral forces. Screen Research’s patented TFX Floating Tab-tensioning system uses two decoupled weights, one housed inside the other. Each weight is optimized for its function. One applies force solely in a vertical direction, the second is attached to the screen edges and applies only lateral force. Housing one weight inside the other eliminates any possible distortions and screen damage during screen movement. In the deployed position they act independently. In all moving states, the two weights engage and move safely as a single unit.

The weights act as a single unit during deployment. The TFX Floating Tab-tensioning system offers many benefits to the installer and, ultimately, the end-user. For the installer it means a weight efficient structure that can be optimized in-situ, eliminating the possibility of structural damage to the roller assembly. This benefit is magnified as the size of the required screen, and therefore the inherent size of the structure increases. The benefit also increases with the specification of thicker, more rigid screen fabrics that require a greater increase in lateral force relative to the vertical. For the end-user, the TFX system allows a greater range of fabric options in a greater range of screen sizes with the ability to specify more extra drop combinations, all deployed to best effect getting the best picture from any projector investment.